Tips for designing
Combine formatting with clear, confident and simple writing. Make sure the formatting and  assisting imagery relates to the writing, less is more.



  • Make sure all text is readable and accessible. Aim to be in full Black #000000 or white #FFFFFF unless needed. 

  • We use Financier (PT Serif, in google slides) for titles & nunito-sans as body text).

  • Left align all text except in certain instances (title pages)

  • Minimum readable font size is generally 12pts and 14pts on presentations



  • Orange is our brand colour and is used sparingly to be memorable. 

  • For backgrounds use black, white, fig or a supplied gradient to make a point. 

  • Blue is used throughout our product and website to signify the main action someone should take. 

White space

  • Not every space needs to be filled with an asset/writing, often less things to focus on makes the design appear more confident

  • Keep a decent space around any image or copy not to be filled with anything

  • Make sure our logo (the radar) always has ample space around it 


  • We aim to create all our own graphs, data visualisations and present our product clearly. 

  • Data visualisation has a range of pastel colours inspired by our radar logo.

  • Make sure the image, graph or product relates to the copy, well formatted text-only is okay in a lot of circumstances

  • Avoid using stock images or downloaded graphics instead use an image of our product or an illustration from the design team.

  • Always cite other companies/peoples images when using and check if you have permission to use

  • Do not mimic other companies design language or tweak their assets


Contact @Hannah Loma @Gracie Young @Sam Straun for any product designs, assets or figma links



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