Sharesight Logo


Please note:

  • The logos are fully downloadable and available to promote Sharesight.

  • Logo & background colours: To ensure its legibility common sense & visual judgement is desired:

    • on white (and light backgrounds): Radar icon + black wordmark

    • on dark (and darker shade backgrounds): Radar icon + white wordmark

    • bright colour is not a good choice for a background where the Radar icon wouldn't be clearly visible - a preference would be either a white or dark backdrop.

  • It is important to maintain the integrity of the Sharesight brand. Do not alter the logos in any way - this means distorting the shape or colour and additional special effects are prohibited. 


Download the logo directly (bellow) - the images are embedded in here in the svg format. Shall you need other formats or print files, continue scrolling further down.


Sharesight Logo

The positive / default version

Radar icon + black wordmark
= for the placement over light backgrounds

Sharesight Logo

The negative version

Radar icon + white wordmark
= for the placement over darker backgrounds

Sharesight Icon / Radar


Used for favicons or where the full version of the logo won't fit. It should not be used as a primary version.



Logo pack for web use (SVG + PNG)

Sharesight logo pack content

Sharesight logo sizing chart

Download the Logo pack:



Logo for print use


Don't hesitate to get in touch with the design team for specific requirements.